"We all have something a little twisted inside and maybe all this, painting, writing and being creative, is a way to untwist it..."  

Current show:
"In the Land of Gods and Monsters..."
at Little Savannah Restaurant
extended thru December!

This mixed media show by T. McKay kicks off in the upscale but relaxed neighborhood of Forest Park/ Birmingham, Alabama.  

T. McKay uses re-constructed toys, found objects and deconstructed framing surrounding old antiqued mirrors.  Objects are re-designed and positioned, rusted, patina'd, chopped and melted creating alternate versions of stories we already know or have been told.

The provocative  list of work reads like the set list for an
Ozzy Osbourne/ Skrillex concert.  
"The Snake Handler"
"In the Land of Gods and Monsters"
"The Four Horsemen"
"The Flight of Chicken Little"
"Lady Liberty and Ironman"

Rusted toys have been reconstructed and positioned in subtle ways to jar our memory to return someplace between knowing and unknowing... Fun, stimulating and intense.