" Open the door "    " Shaking a fist at a smiling god "     " Relationships "     "Fertile Dreams"     "the ties that bind"   "all the kings men"   "Faces - Why, Angst, & Indiferrence"

timeline of work,  2005 - 2017

“My mother was a R&B singer out of Florida with a band called ‘Bobbie and the Blue Notes’, detailed, thorough and oddly enough a southern bell.

My father was an ex-Navy, martial arts instructor, dive master, 
Jack of all trades and rollin stone sorta of a guy, always pickin
fights and saving lives.

I am the result, a mutt, an athlete and self taught artist with strong background in counseling psychology.   

As an artist I just paint, I just follow my gut... 

My methods are crude integrating roofing paper, found objects, resin, paint and sometimes clay.  I trust my impulsiveness, layering various mediums with my hands and work knife.   I don't pay attention to formal rules or structure but go in the direction of my emotions and intuition as they are transferred into shapes and color. 

I am constantly fighting a conventional need to plan out my work.  
It's ALWAYS best if I limit this pre-planned approach.  
At the same time, I understand the relation between the mediums I have at hand and how they may come together to express myself... I capitalize on the spacial relationship between shape, color and position to create a style that most people might describe as ‘ abstract but understood ’.  The subject matter usually combines familiar elements of architecture and physics with more intrinsic concepts such as connectedness, desire, fears, influence and relationships. 

 Things that Influence my work...

  • contrasting elements in music
  • texture
  • conflict
  • feeling lost
  • architecture
  • Prodigy, Skrillex, Lucinda Williams, Leonard Cohen
  • belief systems
  • spirituality
  • sex
  • social dynamics
  • loss
  • dogs
  • self reflection
  • red wine
  • opportunities for awareness