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acrylics and oil pastels on wood

delivered, commercial

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Posted 266 weeks ago

Sirens in the air

Sirens in the air
Tires are stomping through the early morning puddles
A rippling, greasy mirror reflecting my 30 years with 5pts

I see her walking
Bags in hand….
I cannot take my eyes off of her
Long gray hair drapes her shoulders
A twisted vintage of vine i suppose…

Her shoes are faded, clean
They hold her feet together with Velcro
Where are her high heels that so deserve to walk with her?
She left them years ago I suppose…

Legs crossed, napkin in lap, she was here years ago….
im sure there is a photo stuck to her dressing mirror
a beehive and a tight fuzzy sweater
Her heroes arm wrapped around her waist

She laughs in a whisper, speaking to the past
She Waves with a shaking hand, there are no rings attached
Just husbands or heroes or girlfriends or children
All Tethered and weathered by time and memories

She sits like a princess, poised and ready
for the world…
dabbing the buttered toast from the corner of her lips….
whispering a laugh…

A siren with gray hair…
I cannot escape her presence
Am I supposed to know her from a life ago?

Ms. Lilly, you own my curiosity

-t. Mckay

Posted 266 weeks ago



Posted 266 weeks ago
<p><strong>“the trouble with words”</strong></p>
<p>Acrylics, clay and mixed media on tar paper…</p>
<p>clay torso is approximately 3.5 inches long, removable</p>
<p>18" x  24"</p>
Posted 266 weeks ago

“we all have a little something twisted inside and maybe all this painting, writing and being creative is a way to untwist it…”


Posted 266 weeks ago