Commissioned pieces are created as one of a kind representation of you. 


'Client Jones'  finished a Safari hunt a few years back and wanted me to do something - "ANYTHING" with the tanned hides that were simply folded up in the attic.... So I said sure!   Client Jones said that he only had room for one more piece of artwork outside of his trophy room, a hallway that bridged the gap between his family living space and his trophy room which had an amazing collection of animal trophies that included an ostrich, gazelle and water buffalo.....  So this is what he got......

"Welcome to the Jungle"

  • 5'x8'
  • Kudu, impala, spring buck, water buffalo, ostrich skins on birch plywood.... 

The skins are, tanned, cut and shaved at various lengths for depth / effect.  

Each building is a separate piece of animal skins.   I used the natural lay of the hair to create the sloping effect for the mountains...  

I found a box os resistors from 1950 and added those for radio towers. 

The ostrich skin was probably worth 1110 dollars on its own and would have made a great pair of boots...... but a sun patterned after hotrod flames were best suited for this bird!

Here are a variety of commissioned pieces.  Some of the pics show the work in progress, presentation and final installment.  

Family names I have completed works for include Jones, Pizitz, Roth, Anderson & Pewitt,  Burkhalter and Lavoys.